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3 October, 2018

#WhyShaiWhy [Videos] Agile Leadership

The Agile Mindset starts within. So if you want to live the Agile values,  look introspectively for your own.

And when you have done so, map them to Agile–that is how you “operationalise” mindset.

Last episode, I showed you the Agility Iceberg and we ended talking a little bit about leadership. Why don’t we elaborate on that today, shall we?

The definition of the word “leader” has evolved over the years. Back then, leaders were almost untouchable wearing their suits of armour. They’re the people who walk through fire to make things happen, for the success of the organisation.

That today, doesn’t translate anymore.

Leadership nowadays is more relatable, a bit more humane even. And one of the key things about it now is being someone who is living your own values. People like to see realness and authenticity. Exposing a bit of weakness is now seen as a good thing.

During the 90s, Daniel Goleman talked about emotional intelligence as being the pinnacle of leadership–and self-awareness is part of emotional intelligence.

Being a leader doesn’t end when you get out of your office. Whether you’re at home barbecuing or talking to clients, people want to see people. We’re now at the era where we don’t just understand that leaders are as human as everybody else, we actually want to see that they are the same people outside the organisation.

Since the dawn of the internet–especially of social media–you can’t compartmentalize your life anymore like you used to. Now it’s all about being congruent with your own values. So the best place to start “operationalising” an Agile mindset is nowhere else but within yourself.

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