How to Hire Your Second Developer

23 August, 2018

#WhyShaiWhy [Videos] Build an Amazing Team HR for Agile

The #WhyShaiWhy series is usually about helping people in the community with answers to problems. But today, I’d just like to share some food for thought for my fellow startup founders.

Small startups, early-stage startup, or a startup that’s been around for a while but hasn’t really needed the use of a second technical resource but are now, how do you look for new members of the dev team?

I thought about how I’d handle it if and when my team would need it, and along the way, I asked myself these three questions:

Are they going to “technically” fit?

Quite the obvious question, right? Anyone who’s ever going to hire somebody is going to look for work experiences and technical skills that match the team’s.

Point #1, very obvious, very easy to do.

How do they handle knowledge management?

Now, what in the world is this and why?

New hires are going to take in a lot of information. They’ll be bombarded with new knowledge pretty much day one after they start. You’re going to want to know how this person will handle that.

You’ll also want to make sure that the new hire is open to new knowledge because being a startup, you’re going to share key learnings for sure.

Does his/her character align with the organisation’s?

We’re not robots. We do tech stuff, but we’re still social animals.

You sure wouldn’t want to work Monday to Friday with someone you and the team couldn’t get along with, right?

A second developer means your team is growing–tons of new code are coming! You’ll want your new hire to fit quite well. If you want more details and specific questions you can ask in your interview, they’re in the video below. Hope you get to see those as well and best of luck in getting your new team member!

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