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Make your Agile journey a successful one, with our world first Agile-as-a-Service training.

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Bespoke Business Software

Work faster & smarter with bespoke business software — on the cloud, mobile or desktop.

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Agile training & change management let our client finally build their software as the company envisioned.
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Bespoke software saves our client 9hrs a week & keeps their funding secure.
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About us

We don’t take ourselves too seriously here at softsolutions. Instead, we use up all our seriousness on making sure you get the best of us, every time.

That’s why our values might seem a little different to the rest of the IT industry.

Living our values means putting people first, business second and technology third: we build human relationships before we build software, and we’ve banned jargon – except in our technical documents!

We also believe that enlightenment breeds enlightenment, which is why we couldn’t help but share our passion for the power of Agile, leading to our Agile-as-a-Service programs.

Our team is compact and light on its feet, but we have the skills and experience to support projects of all sizes. Every one of us is empowered to love what we do, be authentic and challenge convention.

Say hello

Shai Shandil
Shai Shandil, Founder

Shai is driven to change the software industry: one Agile team & one on-budget project at a time. His focus on is always on getting results for our clients.

Nishant Agrawal
Nishant Agrawal, Software Development Manager

With a wide range of experience in requirements gathering, software development, and project & team leadership, Nishant brings our software projects to life.

Lesley Hays
Lesley Hays, Digital Marketing Manager

Lesley keeps us looking our best and is always thinking of new ways to give value to people who aren’t clients (yet).

Abegail Eduardo
Abegail Eduardo, Executive Assistant & Business Analyst

Abbey keeps the wheels turning, playing vital roles in everything from quality control & story planning, to administration, to marketing execution.

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