Who Else Wants an Ego-free Work Environment?

By Shai Shandil / On / In #WhyShaiWhy [Videos], Leadership, Management

We’re not all the same.

We might all wear suits of armour at work, but not all IT people are the same. We tend to be broken into two major categories, software and hardware/systems. The hardware/system peeps have magical abilities that include setting up computer assets to bring the network ‘alive’; doing funky things with servers so most people don’t need to be too technical to use a computer successfully; and  ensuring your email is delivered miraculously.

On the flip side, the software folk (and here I mean development teams) can conquer bottlenecks in organisational processes, give eye-opening insight into data through business intelligence, and take business strategy and ready it for operational execution.

So yes, both camps are extraordinary, but please don’t ask the leader of one camp be the leader of the other (or both). That’s plain ridiculous. Put it this way:

Do you think putting a commander in the Russian Space program in charge of the next NASA manned mission is a good idea?

Heck no! Not without some decent training, anyway.

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