Software Estimates vs Actuals: Don’t Make This Mistake!

By Shai Shandil / On / In #WhyShaiWhy [Videos], Agile, Get Started with Agile, Software

Before you clicked “buy” on your last Amazon purchase, you checked when the product would be in your hands.

When you hired a plumber to repair your sink, you asked how long it would take until you could wash dishes again.

And when you ordered an Uber after that meeting last year, the app told you how long you’d be standing out front before the car arrived for you to quietly slip away.

Having an idea of when we’re going to receive or accomplish something is important. We crave it; sometimes for practical reasons – will I get my order in time for the wedding? – and often for emotional reassurance – how long will I have to feel like this??

Software development projects are no stranger to estimations, which is why we have an Estimations workshop in our Agile-as-a-Service program.

But believe it or not, some teams don’t do estimations at all.

Why on earth not?

If you’re on one of these teams, you might be asking, “Why are estimations so great, anyway?”

Let’s answer both of these questions!

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