Why Small Businesses Should Build Apps and Go Mobile

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Over the years technology has shifted to a variety of media. From desktops to laptops to handheld devices, technology is continuously shifting to avenues where information and services are readily accessible in real time and on the go. In 2016, it is estimated that 80% of Australians own a smartphone. That’s how many people are utilising modern technology. For business owners, that’s how many people are potential customers. Imagine how wide your audience would be if you could connect with almost the whole country’s population. Big brands have recognised this potential all too well with the proliferation of mobile apps. However, small businesses can also take advantage of this trend. The numerous benefits of going mobile are no secret, but being a small-scale business you might ask, what’s in it for you, and is it worth the cost?

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Choosing the right tools for you

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Hey everybody!

‪#‎WhyShaiWhy‬ Episode 23 is out and it’s all about, “Choosing the right tools for you”.

It’s so easy to ask a friend for advice. But in this case, it could cost you a lot of pain and stress. Instead, check out this video and use our free worksheet below to help you choose the best applications, systems, and software for your business!

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The Fallacy of Innovative Disruption

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About two years ago, I heard a respected and experienced IT Manager quip, “True innovation is disruptive, incremental innovation simply does not exist.”

I got the feeling he wasn’t joking as much as his tone suggested. But it would take me another 12 months to realize just how misunderstood “disruption” was, 20 years after its birth.

Since 1995, when the Harvard Business Review published the article that started it all, innovation theory has described two main streams: disruptive innovation and incremental innovation.

Those of us who studied innovation through the past two decades can point to multiple times both of these streams have brought amazing ideas to life in the real world. Toyota has perfected incremental innovation and baked it right into the manufacturing process. Meanwhile, disruptive innovation is clear in the technology that Google brought to the “search” domain in the late nineties.

Both methods have brought us wonderful things!

So why do some people think the only way to innovate is to disrupt? And how do they get the meaning of “disruption” so wrong?

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Never Pay For A Lemon Again

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Despite my incredible urge to do so, this is article is not about the best farmers markets for quality, juicy, organic lemons. But it is about something just as important – not letting the elusiveness of technology get the better of you.

For years the technology industry has been plagued with labels like ‘money-pit’, ‘project-failure-office’, and ‘untouchables’. Unfortunately, not all of these labels were untrue at some point in time during the industries short lifetime. But we are no longer in the enlightenment era of the eighties, nor the renaissance era of the nineties, we now find ourselves more than two decades after those days of obscurity. And it’s about time we act our age.

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