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How to be a Scrum Master Your Team will Love

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Many Scrum Masters struggle with getting traction in their new roles. There are two reasons for this:
1) they continue to have the ‘Project Manager’ mindset while the role is significantly different from what they were previously doing, and
2) two days of certification does not make a good Scrum Master.

These are crippling challenges to overcome.

In today’s video, I wanted to explore the idea that Scum Masters set the tone for their agile/scrum transition. It is their leadership, experience, and aplomb that plays a vital role in an organisation’s successful transition into an agile methodology. Your takeaway: Be a Scrum Master with Aplomb!

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Profit = Revenue – Costs

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I get to live a life where I meet tech founders all the time (it’s pretty sweet). But why do they have such an unhealthy obsession with Revenue?

Yes, here we are again at Accounting 101. It might not be the most exciting part of founding a cool tech business, but a solid grasp of financial principles at least means they’ll still have a business.

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Four Ways to Conduct a Retro That’s Worthy of World Retrospective Day

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Imagine a team learning from its mistakes and celebrating its successes. Where everyone is honest with themselves and others, eschewing big egos and embracing new perspectives.

Now imagine this baked into the team’s regular schedule. Does that sound like a recipe for success?

It is!

The “Retrospective” is an Agile process that embodies the idea of continuous improvement and quality. Today, I share how Retros work, how to do them, what to look out for and why they can fail.

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