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24 May, 2017

#WhyShaiWhy [Videos] Software

#WhyShaiWhy Episode 56 takes the idea of sustainability (food, environment, etc) and puts a software engineering slant on it. Let’s all work towards a #NoCodeWaste future

Everywhere you look is blue skies and white beaches. How does that make you feel? If you’re anything like me – you get very philosophical. Recently I spent a bit of time thinking about sustainability. Sustainability in food, environment, lifestyle…sustainable everything.

So naturally, I started thinking about sustainable coding practices. Now, I really don’t want to sound like a hippy here, but I would love to explain myself! I realised, when it comes down to it, that when it comes to sustainability in my profession it comes down to #NoCodeWaste.  But why is code waste such a big deal?

As an industry of software developers, analysts, Scrum Masters, BA’s, testers, etc – we need to understand that writing a line of code must have value. If you are writing a line of code that will not get executed or has not been asked for (aka Easter-egg), you’re wasting code! That code will impact your environment. Your technical environment, your organisational environment, and even your physical environment.

So as a tech leader – I ask of you to do this: think of two things that you can do to make #NoCodeWaste your mantra.

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