Agile Is Like Compound Interest

24 January, 2018

#WhyShaiWhy [Videos] Agile Management

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to give metaphors a workout.

Here’s my latest and greatest!

The best one I found for the tipping point in your agile transformation is the concept of compound interest. With our retirement savings (or mortgages!), we’re more familiar with this concept than Agile transformations, right?

Here we understand that the biggest benefit is found at the very end of the term. Like when you’ve been diligently saving over the years, it’s when you turn 60 – 65 that you have the most money in your account. Just imagine letting the interest continuously compound on that!

Very similarly, agile transformations require you to consistently put in effort, over and over again. It’s a long-term investment. Agile improves your skillset, toolset and most importantly, mindset—which is by far, the most difficult to change. However, when it successfully happens, it allows for a cultural shift within the organisation where you’ll unlock those really high level but incredibly lucrative benefits.

But just like with compound interest, the biggest benefit comes right at the end of your Agile journey!

This video has a simple message: if you’re struggling with an agile transformation, keep going and get out the other side a much happier organisation!

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