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If your organization is considering Agile, you need to make an informed decision!

In our free workshop we present The Agile Trilogy: a simple conceptual model for organisational Agility that will help you understand “the Agile machine”, ask questions and get your team or stakeholders on board with you – risk free.

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Forget the jargon. Success with Agile requires three things.

You won’t learn how to run a Scrum or set up a Kanban board (yet). The jargon isn’t important.

For a successful Agile transition, your organization needs to totally understand what Agile is (and isn’t) and be ready for a top-to-bottom change. You need buy in.

In this workshop, we present the Agile Trilogy: three pillars of Agile success that everyone can understand. Each attendee will learn how Agile can impact and benefit them, as well as the organization as a whole.


  • What skills you need to promote agility
  • How skills are best attained and retained in an Agile organisation
  • When to implement training for maximum effect
  • What you can do when the team’s skills cannot meet the organisation’s needs


  • Why the right tooling is so important for Agile
  • Which tools will help you implement Agile
  • What to look for when evaluating tooling
  • The dark-side of a toolset: successfully navigating through hidden dangers

We’ll also leave you with free decks of our very own Planning Poker cards.


  • Why you need to focus on people first
  • What it means to have an Agile mindset
  • Beware: Culture eats Agile for breakfast (and what to do about it)
  • How to establish a reliable, ongoing shift in organisational mindset to enable your Agile success

Who should attend?

We think everyone in your organization should learn about Agile! For this introductory workshop, we suggest you invite attendees from as many teams as possible.

If you know your software development team can contribute more, let me introduce you to Agile.

At softsolutions, our priority is producing business results by focusing on people, not technology. We know what it takes to successfully drive change in companies with small and tight-knit development teams working on niche, business-critical systems.

Shai Shandil

If you’re based in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, I’d love to show your team a new way to work.

– Shai Shandil

Book your free workshop to learn how to deliver more and stress less
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