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Software that fits your needs

We solve business problems first and technical problems last.

Bespoke software is an important investment for any business, so we make sure it’s the right one for you.

You’re the centre of our world

We think it’s our job to make sure software projects aren’t scary. In fact, they can be fun, even for the non-geeks amongst us! Whether you need cloud, mobile, or desktop development, we will make you the most important part of our process.

We use an Agile methodology called Scrum (we see it as just a fancy word for customer focus). By understanding you, we drive the success of the project towards 100%, regardless of the technical challenges that lie ahead. We want you to be excited to be working with us, because we’ll definitely be excited to be working with you!

(Actually, we love our process so much, we want the whole world to use it!)


“The cloud” means your software, application or site is available from anywhere, with the same security you expect from all your business software.

Some of us call this SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), others call it a portal or gateway. Whatever you call it, we’ll make it amaze you every time you log in.

We’ve helped reach 60,000 child sponsors through a donor portal, facilitate legal proceedings through a web-based case management tool, and even simplified project management with a tool that makes communication between teams easy.

No matter your industry, if you need to connect people across different systems or locations, a Cloud application might be what you need to make it rain.

Let’s make it rain 


Apps are great. They hang around in your pocket or bag, just waiting to make your life easier. Sometimes we wish we could hang around until we could make life easier… but that would be creepy.

So we like to do the next best thing.

We build business apps on iOS and Android. Whether you have a plan for the next killer app that will transform your industry, or an extension to an existing system to make your mobile workforce more efficient, we can get those ideas into pockets and bags.

Tell us your App idea 


We do a lot of desktop projects and we love doing them! Desktop is still the most feature-rich platform out there, and we can use every last bit of a computer to create your magic.

In the healthcare world? So are we! How about non-profit or charity? Legal? Education? Compliance? We’ve been there too. We love to learn and if we don’t already know your industry, we will soon.

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